Mimma Salinas

Leon, Nicaragua

Academia de Bellas Artes (Madrid, Spain)
Shrewsbury Art School (England)
The Heatherly School of Art (London)
Academie des Boisford (Brussels)
Academie Royale (Brussels)
Pratt Institute (New York)

On March 16th, 2008, Mimma Salinas, devoted daughter, sister, mother, aunt, friend, and artist, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. Her family will continue to share her legacy of figurative art with the world.

Mimma's art in her own words.

Mimma Salinas, a native Nicaraguan, possesses a unique talent for expressing her true feeling about life through her sculptures. Her understanding of the world as portrayed in bronze, marble, wood, and other materials, mesmerizes viewers and buyers alike. She has the uncanny ability to capture whatever spirit moves her in a truly brilliant artistic display. Because she discovered her talent at a very young age, she has enjoyed a good portion of her early life studying art all around the world. Through her work, a viewer can easily detect her vibrant personality and lust for life.

Most of my work is based on the assumption of an inner-conscious knowledge that links a physical event with a psychic condition so that a certain event (or feeling) that appears accidental can be physically meaningful. Sometimes spontaneous and non-intentional images, common in people and eyes that seem to be the elaboration and result of centuries of the mind's history. It is a collection of dreams and fantasies stored of unconscious images made into a hard, long-lasting palpable material (bronze). A manifestation of our physiological urges or instincts made into reality, capturing a flash instinct of the mind. It is a feeling of making a dream become a reality. The task of my dreams is to bring back a sort of recollection of the past, present, and future, as well as the infantile world down to the level of the most primitive instincts. I capture a moment, a feeling, and I frame it my own landscape- life is a moment, I only capture a longer lasting moment of existence of my soul. I create visions halfway between reality and the dream world. A search for the inner self. "I" true to self, which is the union and is expressed by all that is in existence.


  Art by Mimma Salinas