Jossie Salinas

Leon, Nicaragua

Academia Artium, Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (Madrid)
St. Martin's School Of Fine Arts (London)
Academie des Boisford (Brussels)
Academie Royale des Beaux Arts (Brussels)
Chelsea Art School (London)
University of Central America (major: architecture) (Nicaragua)

Jossie was born in Leon, Nicaragua. Privilege, turmoil, and changing fortunes marked her early years when Nicaragua agonized in the throes of an apocalyptical era. Jossie's childhood address book is filled with crosses placed by her mother beside the names of family members and friends who died in war, natural disasters, and tragic accidents.

Jossie had a classical education in art, during which she studied with several prominent artists including the master copiest at the El Prado Museum and also the muralist Roger Somville. Jossie held her first exhibition in Managua, Nicaragua and was an immediate success. Numerous exhibitions followed, and her paintings were acquired by collectors around the world, including the former U.S. president Lyndon Johnson during a state visit. In the mid- 1970's and 1980's, Jossie worked with powdered glass on large pieces of metal. These enamel works were created as objects for interior design, and were sold in showrooms in more than a dozen cities throughout the United States. While the demand for this art was high, working with heavy, metallic objects at 1800° was arduous and time consuming. By the late 1980's, Jossie refocused her energies on painting.

Jossie lives in Los Angeles with her mother, husband, and son. She works in a studio she built in her home. In October 1999, Jossie founded, her way of sharing her art and the art of other artists with the world. Jossie believes that while we live in a linear world, existence takes place in multiple dimensions. To make the journey through this myopia, we must "feel the light". In expressing these ideas through her painting, Jossie is guided by her love of beauty, harmony, and sharing.


  Art by Jossie Salinas